28 January 2016

My Daily Reflects journaling.

Journaling is a (not-so-easy) habit, and it will be good if we can do it daily.

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Back in 2015, I started my daily journaling in a A6 notebook, and eventually, I stopped before it reached half-way mark of 2015 - I simply cant catch up with the daily writing, just to occupy the full page. Back log after back log, and I eventually gave up.

This year, I am determined to do it on a daily basis, and I got an undated planner to fulfil this "mission".

So why did I use an undated planner? 

First, it has limited space for me to write per day, at the most six lines to write out what happened in a day. 

Second, it allows me to decorate the planner with my own style - actually, there isn't much space for me to do any decoration. 

Third, it makes referencing easier. If I were to search for some written post / event, it's easier to see at one glance rather than flipping through the many pages. 

On the Left Hand Side of this undated planner, I have to write down the month (on the top not shown in the picture), and the dates. Since there's a large space at the top (where I write the month), I decided to use it to pen down meaningful quotes I've read somewhere, or from work. 

Individual day comes in a rectangle box, and I am using a Midori Brass Pen (due to the extra fine nib) to write down what happen within the day. With the limited space, I've learnt to summarise the important events / learning values

On the Right Hand Side is a graph page.

I have 3 Topics to complete:
- Blog Post: where I list out the post that I need to complete in that week. Obviously I am lacking back due to my busy schedule.

- Must Do: Important things that I need to pay attention to.

- Overview: An overview of daily's happenings - Things I do, things I buy, or events that happened. 

Journaling is not that difficult after all. And it doesn't require a lot of time - Just 15 minutes to 30 minutes per day is sufficient. I usually do my journaling before bed time. 

Give it a try, and start yours today. 

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