10 July 2014

The card holder sleeve.

For the past months, I had been sending card holder sleeves to different part of the World.
And it got many people curious about the card holders that I've been sending.

So here's a little introduction about the Card Holder Sleeve.

There are 5 slots on each size.
Personally, I put 2 business cards into each of those slots (as seen on the left),
and the necessary cards on the right.

Field Notes size, but slightly shorter on the width. 

It has a clear surface, which can be useful.

The thickness of the card holder sleeve from a Top view.

This sleeve is meant for my Raydori.

As seen in the picture, the card holder sleeve is slightly shorter in width.
But it doesn't bother me much. 

This's how it looks like after being slot into the leather cover. 

This card holder sleeve is useful for those who:
- use a pocket book, and needs to bring along their business card with them, anywhere they go. 
- use a fauxdori as a wallet; this will be ideal for holding cards, and loose bills. 
- put photos in their fauxdori, and wanted a holder to hold those card-size photos. 

To get one, simply drop me an email at blankandwrite.shop@gmail.com,
with a title: About the Card Holder Sleeve for (Your name),
and I will get in touch with you shortly. 

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