10 July 2014

KeySmart, my new key organizer.

Recently, I got a KeySmart, the ultimate pocket keys organizer.
And here, I am going to share how KeySmart has changes the way I carry my keys.


I purchased this item on my own account, and I wrote this review based on my experience with the item.

1st attempt / 1st time trying with KeySmart:

Here's my keys (in the keychain) before packing them into the KeySmart.
The screws can be taken out using a small coin. 

My intention is to place all these keys into the KeySmart. 
The black round things are the washers that came together with the package. 

For the first attempt, I managed to put in only 2 keys into the KeySmart.
Honestly, I was very disappointed, and felt cheated - I was told it can hold up to 4 to 5 keys. 
The only explanation I could give was that the screws were too short, and I needed an Expansion Pack! 
(The truth is, I had only focus on putting the keys on one side, and not too.)

Unsatisfied with the outcome, I decided to find a solution from KeySmart website.
And here's the solution:

After watching a video, I realized that what I did earlier was incorrect
I don't have to put the washer in between the keys.

2nd attempt:

I dismantled the set up and arrange the keys according to my needs.

I tried 6 different times before getting the suitable set up. 
And I managed to squeeze in one small key into the set up.

As you can see from the above picture, my keys are now compacted together. 


It is small and handy; I can now slot my keys in my pocket and not realizing that they are there. 
Best of all, there's no more crashing sound of the keys coming from my pocket.  

KeySmart operates like a Swiss Army Knife - pull out, and push in. 

The green KeySmart shows how simple and neat when it doesn't has any keychain on it. 

My advise (for any interested buyers): 

It's always good to get a pack of Expansion Pack with any purchase of the KeySmart. With an Expansion Pack, the KeySmart can hold up to 10 keys.

I got mine from HipVan.

For my friends in the USA, I believe you can do a direct purchase from KeySmart website

Last but not least, let we watch how KeySmart was made:

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