18 July 2014

Card Holder sleeve on MTN passport size

It has been busy at work, and this post has been delayed for a while. 

Jac Drow, a fellow MTN user, bought the card holder sleeve, and put it into her passport size Midori Traveler's Notebook (MTN).

And this is what she shared:

"Finally, my set up with the card holder sleeve I got from Justin. I use it in combo with my mini coupon folio. It fits in my Midori Passport which has become my EDC portable brain. On the day i go shopping/Run errands I put a envelope corresponding to the shop or location I will be stopping at that day. The envelope contains a list, cash and/or gift card that I intend to use at that location. I have found  this keeps me on track, cuts down on my impulse buys and gets me in and out much faster. My Errand day just got shorter and more manageable. Thank you Justin!"

Photos courtesy of Jac Drow

Photos courtesy of Jac Drow
Photos courtesy of Jac Drow 

To my surprise, the card holder sleeve does fit nicely into the passport size MTN (pp size MTN).  

So, I decided to try out the card holder sleeve and put it in my own pp size MTN. 

Not much of an issue as seen.
Although it is slightly "taller" than the notebook, it is about the "height" of the leather.

It doesn't pop out a lot when the cover is closed. 

From the pictures, we can see that the card holder sleeve is indeed "taller" than the passport size notebooks, but it didn't make much of a different when we put them together. 

For those who are contemplating whether to have this in your Midori Traveler's Notebook, it certain work giving it a try. At least, it is a lot more cheaper than the original MTN card holder


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    1. Hi Nana, we have stocks available and you can drop us an email (blankandwrite.shop@gmail.com) to let us know how many card holders will you like to purchase.e