20 July 2014

My 2nd Hero Fountain Pen - Hero 372 (Part 1)

Recently, a friend shared with me that one of the biggest retailers in Singapore is selling Hero fountain pens, and she got some at a really good price. 

As a lover for cheap fountain pens, I decided to explore the place. 
And to my surprise, they offer quite a handful of Hero fountain pens, and the prices are reasonable. 
I left the shop with 8 pens, of which, 7 were sent to Unit Kingdom, and one for myself. 

The pen does not come with any beautiful packaging or box - just a pen inside a plastic cover, sealed with a Hero company sticker (it doesn't bother me at all). 

Pen: Hero 372 Fountain pen 

Here's what I feel about the pen:
- The weight is well balanced. 
- The extra fine nib writes smoothly.
- It comes with a convertor, but I am not too comfortable using the convertor; I used a Kaweco ink cartridges instead. 
- Aesthetically, it doesn't portrait  itself as a cheap pen. 

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