10 July 2018

The new tool: Faber-Castell WritInk

As much as I don't want to buy another pen, I ended up with this Faber-Castell WritInk, which cost me SGD$35.00.

I have never own a Faber-Castell fountain pen before, even though I have been eyeing at the Faber-Catell Loom Metallic Fountain pen Grey for a while.

Let's call it, Love at first sight.
What caught my attention is the 3D finger-print printing on the pen body.

The body comes it 4 different colours: Black, White, Blue and Pink.

There wasn't any nib selection available during the purchase, so M nib is the only choice.
Excited with the new purchase, I loaded the pen with ink the moment I got home.

The pen comes with a free short blue cartridge, but I very much prefer black ink in my pen.
I dug out an old Kaweco converter and it fits in nicely.

I loaded the pen with Lamy Black bottle ink (surprisingly, it has lasted me for many years), hopefully it work wonders.

It writes fine and smooth on the first few writes.
But as I continued to write, I realised the ink flow is inconsistent (perhaps due to the way I hold my pen).

I took a look at the nib, and I found out that the nib is slightly bent.

After checking on some websites, only to find out that it's normal, and the nib doesn't bent at a certain angel.

After using the pen for a week, I am still trying to get use to the WritInk.
The smoothness of the pen varies on the way I hold the pen (I write like a left-handed, but with my right hand).

As I am not a true specialist about fountain pen, I am sharing this post based on my personal experience.

But there are some reviews about the pen, and here are some of the links:

- The Faber-Castell WRITink Review

It is a good starter fountain pen to begin if you are not looking for something that is too colourful.
Price range is pretty reasonable as well.
So I will encourage you to give it a try, for all you know, you might love this pen!

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