22 November 2014

Post Card from Tabiyo Shop.

Yesterday, when I saw this "5 Steps to enjoy your traveler's notebook" picture on my fridge, I was puzzled for a few second, thinking "since when I have this beautiful picture in my house?".

And when I removed it from the fridge, I realized it was a postcard from YF of Tabiyo Shop.
Surprise Mail Call !! It is indeed a little surprise to read from friend who shares the same interest / passion - we are the Notebook people. 

If you have missed my post of the 5 Steps, here they are:

Step 1: Purchase a Starter Kit - Regular / Passport Size.

Step 2: Purchase 004 Pocket Stickers.

Step 3: Purchase 008 Zipper Pocket.

Step 4: Hand pick the second refill that suit your lifestyle.

Step 5: Purchase 016 Pen Holder to make your first TN perfect.

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