9 January 2017

My Every Day Carry Notebook.

Happy 2017 to all my readers and I hope you have a good start for this wonderful year. 

Today, I'm going to share with you about my Every Day Carry (EDC) Notebook - my Traveler's Company Camel passport size Traveler's Notebook. 

Indeed, it looks more brown than Camel and that's because I treated it with the Renapur leather wax (and I supposed I've put too much wax on it). 

Yes, I stamped the leather before treating it with wax. 

And with daily usage, the leather gets darker than before. 


Since I got this Traveler's Notebook during my visit to the Traveler's Factory in Tokyo, and I have to put some stamps on the leather as decorations.

Whenever I started using a new leather cover, I will indicate the date of first use. Previously, I used Masking Tape, but I feels the ownership if I write directly onto the leather. 

The first insert is the monthly planner which allows me to forecast my monthly events. 



The second insert is the blank notebook which comes with this leather cover. 



I am using this insert as my daily planner. 
Since this is a 64-pages insert, I'm able to use it for two months (January and February). 

I used the numeric stamps to indicate the page for each day, where I'll pen down my schedule, my To-Do-List, my expenses and random notes. 

Once this insert is finished, I'll replace it with a Muji passport size notebook which is thinner, thus making my TN looks slimmer. 


I got these lovely charms during my Japan-Tokyo trip, and decided to keep them in my TN, hoping to receive some good blessing. 


I also carry a 2014 Pencil Board just in case a need some hard surface to do some writing. 


I'm currently using a Lamy Vista ballpoint pen, with a refill adaptor which allows me to use any D1 refill. 
My experience with Lamy refill isn't that positive, and I need a smoother refill to write with. I managed to hunt down this suitable adaptor after some researches. 

Inside this EDC notebook, there's a 10-cm ruler which I love it a lot. There are times when I need to draw straight lines, or even to do measurement, and this comes in handy. 

Hope you have enjoyed reading about my Every Day Carry Notebook. If you have any questions about my set up, do drop me an email, and I'll get back to you soon. 

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