2 January 2017

Other accessories for sales.

At times, I am amazed by how many accessories one has in his/her Traveler's Notebook. 

Just like an iceberg, most of the time, we only see the surface of the TN, but it is what unseen inside the TN that amazed us. 

Many people asked about what I have in my stock list that will enhance their TNs. 

So now, here's the list:

1) Kraft folder

Kraft folder proves to be another accessory that serves me well.
I have a motivational poster on the cover of the Kraft folder. 
I decorated the Kraft folder with some rubber stamps and masking tapes.
It is a good place for holding receipts and the card slot is a good place to hold my ruler. 

Price: USD$5.00 (Free International Postage).


2) Metal Clip Ruler

Metal Clip Rulers are available in the following colours - Green, Blue and Gold.

It is not easy to have a ruler to clip inside our notebook. 
And if you are looking at adding a ruler inside your notebook, this might be something suitable. 
This 10-cm Metal Clip Ruler is suitable for Field Notes notebook & I will usually carry one with me when I travel around with my Field Notes. 

Price: USD$7.00 (Free International Postage).

3) Plastic Stencil Set

This stencil set consist of 4 pieces of stencils which are ideal for daily journaling.

Out with your kids, and need something to keep them occupied? 
This stencil will work wonders! The bright colours will certainly catch their attention.
And the icons will allow them endless drawing while you get busy with your stuffs. 

Price: USD$8.00 (usual price USD$10.00; Free International Postage).

4. Numeric Rubber Stamp set

One of the best tools for my Daily Carry Notebook.
With my One-Page-Per-Day concept for this new Year, the rubber stamps are what I used to create the dates. 

This set comes in a wooden holder, which makes it easy for storage. 
I used another rubber stamp to decorate the blank spaces on the holder. 

Price: USD$12.00 (usual price USD$15.00; Free International Postage). 

5. Web Design Stencil / iPhone 6 Stencil

2 designs available. 

If you enjoy drawing chatboxes or speech bubble while journaling, this will be a great tool for your notebook. 

Price: USD$13.00 (usual price USD$16.50; Free International Postage).

Found something suitable? 
Drop us an email to tell us what you need, and we will update you the total amount and the payment method. 

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