1 January 2017

My (beginner) sketching experiences.

Sketching is something that I've been wanting to do, but I have never go about doing it, fearing that I can't sketch better than my peers.

I decided to leap off the cliff of fear, and dive into the wonders of art.
Sketching (in my own words), is my way of expressing my views, onto paper with a pen.
I shouldn't take it as a competition, and compete with others (who are much better than me).

I did my first sketch based on the photo above. 
I am proud of myself (as a beginner) to be able to pen what i saw onto paper.

I did a couple more sketches, and I totally enjoy it.
I drew a picture of myself, and I expanded my body size (which makes me look like a fat man).
I laughed about it - and I am still laughing whenever i saw this picture. 

And I did a "food porn" of my breakfast. 

Today (31/12/16), I took a step further, and venture into urban sketching- my first urban sketching (with Urban Sketcher Singapore). Location: The Paranakan Museum. 
It was an challenging experience  for me- it was tiring, and I wanted to get-it-over-&-done-with. 
When the sketch is completed, I can't help feeling proud of myself (coz I've completed this challenge). 

I know, I have to constantly sketch to improve my skills; just like a wood cutter constantly sharpen his saw.
It is a form of mental training (to me) as I need to constantly eye for details and thinking how to pen them onto the paper. 

My aim:
- to be able to sketch stress-free,
- to be able to sketch with any medium (any pens),
- to add Colours to my sketches.

Soon to come, I will have to create Blank and Draw :) 

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