4 November 2015

How I use my Field Notes - 3CPP Method.

After using notebooks for years, I came to realised that there's no fix way of using your notebook.

For years, I have been browsing on the Internet on how other people use their notebooks.
Those users are so creative and they can make their notebooks look interesting. 
I have tried out some of the methods, but did not quite like it.
Beside that, I am too lazy to decorate my notebooks; i just like to write. 

It took me a long while before I found a suitable method this year, and that the 3CPP method. 

I'm using the Two-River edition. 

What's 3CPP? 
3CPP stands for "3 Columns Per Page".
Which basically means a user divide a page into 3 columns (preferably equal columns). 

Why 3CPP? 
Previously when I start a blank new page, I have the tendency to write any where on the page, filling up the page with information, to-do-list and even important data. It can be quite messy at time, and I will have a hard time looking for information when I need them.
At time, I'll start a new page without filling up the previous page - and the guilt of wasting paper. 

After using 3CPP method for a while, I actually enjoy this system / method.
I'm able to:
1) fill up a page (fully) - I am not a big fan of empty space on a notebook page;
2) All the necessary to-do-lists, information or date are more organised - it is easier for me to look for the things I need;
3) save paper = save notebook = save money

It might be a challenge for those with big handwriting, but once you got use to it eventually. 

3CPP method will work best if you like to penin short-form, example:
* Ldy - washing = washing of laundry.
* Ldy - fold = folding of clothes.
* pack = packing 
etc etc.. 

How to 3CPP? 
Simply divide the page into 3 columns by:
1) for graph paper, count the number of boxes in one page and divide into 3; for this Field Notes, there are 18 boxes per page, therefore, each column consist of 6 boxes. 
2) use a ruler to measure, and divide the page. I use this method on other notebooks / paper. 

Like I shared in my previous post, here are the items inside my Field Notes "Pony Express" Leather pouch. 

Items such as ruler and pencil come in handy when I need to draw the lines for the 3CPP. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope you will find this useful for you. 

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