24 January 2015

My Midori Passport size TN.

After years of wanting and waiting, 
I have finally got myself a Midori Passport size Traveler's Notebook in Brown leather.

As I am carrying a Black Midori Traveler's Notebook as my Every Day Carry,
I decided to convert it into a card holder.

There are 2 accessories in this MTN card holder:
10-slots card holder: For my loyalty discount cards and donor's card.

6-pockets kraft file folder: For holding loose papers like receipts etc.  

As I don't carry this out on a daily basis, I decided to keep it simple.

- This caught a lot of attentions; I have friends asking me what is this and interested to have one too.
- If add-on a Midori Zipper pocket (refill 004), it can easily turn into a wallet to hold your cash and cards. Many users have convert their passport MTN into a wallet, with all their cards and cash in one palce. 
- It's neat and tidy - Extra cards are all kept in here, so making cards easier to find and manage. 

- As I have a separate wallet, so I have to struggle between the card holder and my wallet when making purchase. 
- Need to bring out extra card holder if you are a minimalist (or maybe it a good factor actually). 

Whether is it good or bad, I think most importantly is to have a Midori Traveler's Notebook, as it can simply be converter into a notebook, or a wallet. 

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