29 October 2015

The Field Notes "Pony Express" Leather pouch.

After switching between different leather covers, I decided to make a change - to use a leather notebook pouch.

It took me a year to have the courage to get the Field Notes "Pony Express" leather pouch, partly because it is quite expensive. But after getting that, I realised that many of my leather cover was as expensive as this pouch, if not more.

Being a newbie to leather pouch, I have no idea how much items it can hold.
I squeezed in 2 field notes size notebooks, 2 pens and 1 pencil when I first started using it. 
It was really thick, and heavy. 

As I have 3 Karas Kustoms pens (The INK, The Bolt and Retrakt), I  cant decide which pen to put inside this pouch.
I decided use The Bolt, the Black Bolt.
And having a pencil around can be useful at times; therefore, I keep the Midori Brass Pencil inside too.

I want to have a ruler in it, and I finally found a brass ruler that is 12 cm.
It comes in handy at times when I need to draw lines in my notebook. 

After abusing it for a month, I really like how the leather turns out. 

I heard many positive feedbacks from colleagues when they saw it on my desk. 
They like the look of it and they like the design of the pouch. 

To refresh, my current set up includes:

- brass ruler 

It's truly a piece of jewel. 

If you are in Singapore and decided to get yourself a Field Notes Pony Express, do drop us an email at blankandwrite.shop@gmail.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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