14 February 2016

Some other accessories for your Traveler's Notebooks

First of all, allow me to wish all my readers, a Happy Lunar New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!! 

After watching Marsia Bramucci's video on Youtube, many readers asked me about the other accessories that I am selling, as they can't seems to find it on my blog.
I apologize for being so "secretive".

I was too caught up with work and I wasn't able to take photos of the available items.

So, here are the items that are currently available.

If there's anything that you will like to enquire or purchase, feel free to drop me an email to enquire more.

Clip Ruler

This Clip Ruler will be a good tool if you ever wish to have a ruler inside your Field Notes (size) notebook.
It fits into a Field Notes notebook nicely, with just a few millimeter overhang.

I have a Gold ruler inside my Every Day Carry Notebook / Every Day Notebook.
This prove to be a useful tools whenever I need to draw lines in my notebook.

I have only 3 colors available now:
Blue - 04 available,
Green - 03 available, and
Gold - 01 available 

Passport size zipper pouch - 09 available

If you have read my post about my Expenses Wallet, you will find this zipper pouch familiar.

Yes, I am using such zipper pouch to hold the money for the allocated budget.

Passport size Kraft folder - 02 available 

Kraft folder is a good accessory to have to hold your receipts and there are 2 slots of cards. 

Regular size Kraft folder - Sold Out

I have sold a couple of this Regular size kraft folders.

I have one of this Kraft folder in my Blue Edition Traveler's Notebook, and it is very useful.
I am not a user with a lot of creative juice, therefore, I just print a motivation poster and paste it on the front cover.

Regular size Kraft Button envelope

There are a couple of ways that you can add this to your Traveler's Notebook.

1) Slot it in.
You can simply slot this kraft envelope into your TN, without attaching to anything.

2) Stick it to the Kraft Folder.
Or you can stick / paste it onto your Regular size Kraft folder to give you some additional space for your other accessories. 

I will use this to store my travel tickets / instax photos / stickers / small memos before pasting them into your notebooks whenever I go traveling. 

Some users use this to safe keep their stickers / MT Tapes inside their Traveler's Notebook. 

Red button - 05 available, and
Black button - 05 available

Regular size Fabric holder - 01 available

I have one of this Fabric holder in my Brain Pocket Traveler's Notebook for me to hold my 2 stencils.

It comes with 2 large side pockets and 2 small pockets.
The large side pockets is a good place to hide your money inside your Traveler's Notebook.
It's much safer to keep your money in here than keeping them inside your clear zipper pouch.

Calendar Index for individual month - Sold Out

If you prefer to have your planner index with individual month, this is for you.

Having this index in my planner allows me to find the particular month easier, rather than flipping through the whole planner just to look for a month.

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