5 June 2016

Unboxing my Traveler's Notebook Camel edition

By now, many Traveler's Notebook users have all gotten their Camel edition.

I have received mine in mid-May 2016, although many users received theirs in late April 2016 or early May 2016.

Initiately, I have no idea what use do I have for this Camel edition, and I decided to make it my planner. Another planner despite my many unused planner on my study table.

Here's some of the photos taken during the unboxing:

Removing the TN from the box. 
Holding the Camel TN in my hand, and admiring how charming it is. 

Looking whats inside the box. 

Final set up with what I brought today. 

Family photo with my Blue TN. 

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