19 September 2016

Cristina Gomes Leather Cover

Few months back, I decided to invest in a A6 leather cover.

Why A6, many people asked?

At first, I wasn't a great fan of A6 notebook as I very much preferred something smaller, but not too small. Passport size is too small, and A6 is slightly too big, so I choose Field Notes.

But I realized, A6 size is actually a very comfortable size to write in.

After much consideration on if I should get another leather cover, I decided to get one.

After browsing around, I discovered Cristina Leather on Facebook.

A business card as reference.

I have a chat with Cristina, and my request is simple:
- create an A6 cover to surprise me.
- I only want to have 2 notebooks inside this cover.
- A pen loop will be great.
- no budget, any cost will do.

Cristina made a lot of effort to ensure that my request is made, and even want to show me the final result of the cover - but i reject the offer - i want it to be a surprise.

So, here's the surprise I got.

The parcel is well wrapped to protect the leather cover.

It's a beautiful color!! I am impressed.

I like the stitching around the leather.

Cristina throw in a free notebook for me. I like the express of the dog! 

I requested for 2 cord as I only want to have 2 notebooks in this cover. 

I am a fan of Owl, and this is a lovely logo.

If you are looking for another leather cover, you definitely need to get one from Cristina.
You will definitely impressed by her effort and her art work.

** Disclaimer: I paid for this leather cover, and sharing this based on my personal satisfaction. **

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