24 September 2016

My Every Day Notebook

All my readers know I carry notebook(s) daily, but what do I have in it? 
This post will have an insight of my current Every Day Notebook.


I have been carrying these notebooks for the past months:
- Field Notes Sweet Tooth as Weekly Planner;
- Field Notes America The Beautiful as my Random Notebook;
- & PocketMod for my To-Do-List. 

They are great for I love pocket size notebook(s) and I can easily stuff them into the side pocket of my pants. Having them separated is easily for me to organize my stuffs. 

But.... I changed. 

Instead of carrying 2 notebooks with me all the time, I decided to minimise them (planner and random writing, to just one Every Day Notebook. 

A cheap Black Notebook, something similar to Moleskine. 

As of now, this is exactly what i needed. 

It was tough at first to have (1) planner, (2) random writing and (3) To-Do-List inside one notebook. 
For a guy who has an OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) issue, I find it hard to keep things neat and organized in one notebook. 

Fighting the struggle, I decided to Wabi Sabi.

I don't have a fixed page for planner. So i draw my planner as and when I need it. 
I have also created a monthly planner, print, cut and paste them into the notebook.
This make it easier for me to check my work schedule.

My To-Do-List can happen anywhere in the notebook; just a fresh page, and write it till the last line. 
This way, I can track on the things that's yet completed. 

Random Writing:
From journaling to penning down of information, it's all in the book. 

I faced some challenges in finding the page for my weekly planner and to-do-list.
I have to flip a few pages front-and-back to get to the page I wanted.
I decided to cut some index cards and make them page marker (with a little tongue) for easy location of the page.

I am totally in love with this concept as it is much easier for me to bring my notebook around. 

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