13 November 2016


My recent pen(s) search makes a new discovery, one that bring writing to a whole new level.

Check out Quotidian Pen, a minimalist ballpoint-pen that features the World's first magnetic propulsion mechanism, which will change the way you see, use and fidget with a pen forever! 

You saw that???

Yes, that simple! 
Now you dont have to worry about losing your pen cap anymore! 

No convince on what you just saw? 
Take a look at this video!!

I have always been on a lookout for nice pens, something interesting, something unique, and definitely, something that will last a long time.

Quotidian pen comes in two different materials - brass or aluminium.
It uses D1 refill, which is easily available at any stationery shops, or you can get it from your usual online stationery shop. 

It was recently launched on KickStarter, and it will end in 14-days time. 
Dont wait for too long, 2-weeks will go by very fast.

Enjoy your playful write with your Quotidian Pen.

A few interesting link to ease your temptation:

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