29 December 2016

Getting ready for 2017.

Are your planners ready for the 2017 ahead? 

For my 2016, I had changed a couple of planners, and I lost track how many planners I had used. 
I find it a little messy for me.

So for my 2017, I have set aside these planner / notebooks:
Left: Traveler's Company Camel regular size Traveler's Notebook.
Top Right: Traveler's Company Camel passport size Traveler's Notebook.
Bottom Right: Traveler's Company Black passport size Traveler's Notebook.
Camel regular size Traveler's Notebook will be my planner for 2017, with 2 different styles of planner in it.

I have also added an addition (blank) notebook for my random notes.

The Camel passport size Traveler's Notebook is my Every Day Carry Notebook which consists of a planner and a notebook.

This is how I decorate the front page of my notebook. 

I have dated each page with number stamps which will be use for random notes and also To-Do-List.

As for the Black passport size Traveler's Notebook, it will be my Expenses Log / Recorder, which allows me to track my expenses on a monthly basis. 

I have also added a camo-style pencil case which I will be carrying daily. 

Now, I am ready for 2017. 

In the next few posts, I will showcase what I have inside my individual Traveler's Notebook. 

Till then, enjoy the last bits of 2016. 

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