30 April 2017

My Field Notes Utility Graph

Field Notes Utility is the latest Limited Edition for Spring 2017.
It comes in 2 editions: (1) Engineer Graph, and (2) Ledger.

Not sure how good is this edition, i decided to try out the Utility Graph first.

I have the Utility Graph inside my passport size Traveler's Notebook.

Some might say, Field Notes is taller than passport size. It's true.
In fact, it is about the same height as the leather cover.
For me, no major issue - my concern is about making the system works for me.

Every Field Notes Planner will be indicated with a label sticker, which ease me for searching the past records.

Certainly, over some period of use, wear and tear surfaces.

Stamping is therapeutic for me - i find calmness when i stamped my notebook.

I personally like the whiteness of the paper - it makes my black ink (from Retro 51) stands out.

There isn't any bleed through with the stamp pad ink as well.

I will usually reserved the last page of the notebook for Pen Test Page.

The paper quality for this Field Notes Utility edition is good.
I dont have any major issues with the pens.
Even most of the fountain pens don't bleed through the page.

This edition comes with a ruler on the back cover.
It's a nice idea / design, but it is not practical.  
I am going to chop the ruler off and use it in another notebook.

So much about this Utility Graph edition, and I personally feel that this edition deserves a 4 / 5 stars.

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