28 May 2017

Field Notes Pitch Black - Memo Book and Note Book

Field Notes has recently upgraded their Pitch Black Memo Book. 
At the same time, they launched a new Pitch Black edition, which is bigger - measures 4¾" x 7½" - and more pages (64 pages) - the Pitch Black Note Book.

Let us watch this documentary on the process of making the new Pitch Black. 

Both smaller and bigger Pitch Black comes in two different papers: 
the usual Dot-Graph paper, and the new Ruled paper. 

Pitch Black Memo Book - 3½" × 5½" 48 Pages Duplex Cover (SGD$15.00)

Pitch Black Note Book - 4¾" x 7½" 64 Pages Duplex Cover (SGD$19.50)

For the Pitch Black fans, its time to add the larger note nook to your collection. 

"Well, aren't you a little ray of Pitch Black"

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