24 June 2017

Woody July 2017 - the monthly planner.

Looking at the pile of Field Notes notebooks and not knowing which one to use, I decided to open a new pack of Cherry Wood edition. 

Opening a new pack of Field Notes is always a joyful event. I can't help admiring every single notebook of this edition - the cover of individual notebook is different. 

July 2017 Planner is the 9th Field Notes for this year (2017). 

Instead of using the rubber stamp, I decided to use the normal (library) date stamp - it's a lot more easier. 
And I added the Day stamp for ease of reference. 

The paper quality of this edition is very much like those of the Kraft Original 3-Packs. There's a little ghost while I wrote with my fountain pen. 

I'm looking forward to use this beautiful notebook for a Woody July. 


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