30 September 2017

TGX Tactical Notebook

It is always a challenge for me to choose a notebook to suit the workshop, or the course I am attending.
"Which notebook should I use?"
"Is it big enough?"
"Will it be attractive?"
"Can it take gel pen?"

And for the recent Tactical workshop, I decided to give this notebook: TGX Tactical Notebook (small). 

I got this last year because of the MOLLE straps cover. It's button closure is a good way to secure the notebook cover from opening, which will minimise the damage to the notebook inside. 

It came with a thick Ruled notebook, which I'll last me for a while. 

In fact, I've tried putting different notebooks into the cover, like Field Notes, Moleskine & Rhoda, but none fit nicely compare to the original notebook that comes with the cover. 

At the moment, it seems like this Notebook is Out of Stock on the website. If you are interested in this, you might want to drop Think Greek an email to see if they are still producing this notebook. 

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