24 December 2017

Why do I only use Field Notes, for now?

"Why do you use Field Notes notebooks?"

If you are Field Notes user, I am sure this is a familiar question.


I learnt about Field Notes back in 2008 (about 10 years ago), and I got my first pack of Field Notes notebook (Graph paper) about the same year from a local cafe (has now been closed).

This little pocket size notebook surprised me!

First thing first, the kraft cover is plain enough to keep things simple - just a title and a few wordings.
Nothing complicated.

The paper quality is good (comparing to some cheap notebooks I had used), it doesn't warped even after months of abuse. 

I have no problem in finding a way to keep my notebook - I can simply stuffed it into the back pocket of my jeans, not worrying about damaging it.

With months of abuse, this notebook was able to handle all the "beatings". I WAS SOLD.

FRUSTRATION when using other pocket notebooks.

After that first pack of Field Notes, I had a hard time getting use to other notebooks - I remembered spending 30 minutes looking for a suitable pocket notebook from a local stationery store, and I left the store, empty handed. It was a very frustrating experience.

There wasn't a "perfect" notebook compare to Field Notes - no, I am not paid to say this.

I found some notebooks with good paper quality, but it is either too thick or wide, or the notebook cover is not as plain as I wanted.

It's an endless list........

It's an EXPENSIVE notebooks!! 

Indeed, it is an expensive notebook - a pack of 3 notebooks can cost up to $15.00.

To think about it, it cost about $5 for each single notebook where one can easily got any notebook for $2 or less.

My personal justification is that, for that amount I paid, I am paying for a quality notebook (a notebook that withstand many abuses); I am paying for the hard works behind the making of the notebook; I am paying for a notebook that is able to hold memories and important notebooks; I am paying for the look.

To put it simply, I am paying for a standard.

Other Benefits so far.

* Storage for the notebooks will not be an issue since all of them are of the same size.

* I don't have to restrict myself to one notebook - I use a different notebook for different purposes.
For this, I minimize the headache of finding the information I needed. I learnt from one user that she use one notebook for each of her client - This make it easier for her to track the progress of the project.

* Using a Field Notes allow me to make new friends - strange? It's true. When I met a fellow Field Notes user, it become a common topic and we shared about how we use the notebooks - There is a story behind every Field Notes notebook.

So, these are my experiences with Field Notes.

What's yours? Do share your Field Notes experiences in the comment box below : )

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