13 January 2018

Checker Box with Graph paper

I learnt about this new way of using the notebook during a visit to the museum. 
I cant remember which historical explorer used his notebook in this manner, but I found that it was pretty neat with this way of Organising his notes.
In each box, he wrote down is discovery, and even drew little sketches inside the box.

I decided to give it a try.
In my Field Notes Original Kraft Graph paper, I divided each page into 15 checker boxes (each box is about 6x6 squares on the Graph paper). 
While not all the checker boxes are perfect, I made sure that I have sufficient space within each checker box to for my "notes".

I started off with my To-Do-List.
I wrote down one to two items in each box, and then strike the item off when it’s completed.
This way makes my To-Do-List looks more organised compare to the old method (of listing them / squeezing them into a page).

Then, I used the checker boxes to list out the Udemy courses that I had purchased (but have yet attended them).
By listing them out, I know the sequences of the course to complete. 
Pretty neat and organised isn't it?

As you can see, I actually wrote the title on the top left hand corner, and highlighted it with different colours.
It makes it easier for me to identify the page; for example, pink colour is for To-Do-List and Green is for notes.

Beside To-Do-List and notes, I had also used this method to list down the items I'm selling and the price. 
I had even tried plotting my schedule using this method, but it's actually best to do it with pencil.
After attempted this checker box concept for about two weeks, I discovered some pros and cons.

- Save paper: There are lesser white spaces on each page, which means that I am fully utilizing the page.
- Notes are more organised: it is now easier to look at my notes with just a glance.
- Neat and Tidy: The writings are neater as there are limited space to scribble. 

- Time consuming to draw lines: If you are not a fan of drawing lines, this can frustrate you a bit. For me, i quite enjoy the process.
- Small handwriting: if you hate small handwritings, this isn't for you. 
- Too rigid, lack of creativity: some might feel that its too "compress", and might find this to be a headache. 

I am not sure if I like this when I first tried it, but now, I am sold, I actually find this method useful for me. 

Give it a try and share with us how you like it. 

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