16 April 2015

Blue Edition - Midori Traveler's Notebook

Recently, and yes, recently...... 

Midori launched their latest Traveler's Notebook, the Blue Edition

If you have not read the description, here's what they wrote about the Blue Edition:

"TRAVELER’S notebook will offer a Blue Edition, a limited color available only in 2015.

Our inspiration came from the indigo sky right before dawn, welcoming the first beam of sunlight. 
We chose a deep, dark blue, similar to that of blue-black ink, or indigo dye, not a bright and brilliant blue. 

Blue --- Picasso’s self-portrait from his “blue years”, carried a feeling of heavy anxiety and a firm determination. 
Blue --- the earth photographed from outer space, and a shot of deep marine blue taken by a deep sea diver --- has grandeur, beauty and calmness. 
Yves Klein, a French artist, invented his ideal color, a deep blue named “International Klein Blue.” Following that, he used no other color. He described blue as a deeply spiritual color that invites us into the infinity of the universe. 
Variations of blue evoke a diversity of images - youthful freshness, immaturity that accompanies it, melancholy and solitude, serenity, refinedness, eternity, and much more - depending on their degree of brightness and hue.
TRAVELER’S notebook Blue Edition comes clad in leather of a deep blue, which makes us think of new travels.

In addition to this Blue Edition, we will release new items created by collaboration between TRAVELER’S notebook and Pan Am, which once was the national flag carrier of the USA. The airliner used to have blue as its corporate color. These items will be nice when you customize your Blue Edition. 

* These are of limited availability. 
In case they are sold out or out of stock, 
we would appreciate your understanding."

I am not the first one who got this edition in Singapore, but definitely not the last!!

Just few days ago, I received "tip off" from a fellow member from Traveler's Notebook Singapore, about a shop in Singapore selling the Blue Edition, and there were a few left on the shelf.

As I was approaching the shop, I walked with a heavy heart.. "Is there any more left??"

And to cut the chase short, I approached the shop assistant, and asked her to guide me (I have not been to the shop for a long time) to the Midori Traveler's Notebook(s). And when I reached the shelf, I only saw ONE Blue Edition left - happy and sad - I grabbed it like it's going to run away.
And I made sure there's no one behind me to snatch it away.

To be honest, I wasn't as crazy as before, but I cant resist the charm of this edition..

I am resisting to open this pack - I have been neglecting the my brown Regular Size Midori Traveler's Notebook - so I  am going to keep this pack tight and secure inside my Collector's Box. 

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