7 April 2015

My Field Noted Steno Book - Introduction.

For the longest time, I have been wondering what is so good about the Field Notes Steno Pad, and I really can't figure it out - until I use it personally.

It is more than just a normal top-flip ring binder notebook.  

The front cover is made of "hard cardboard"which is actually Super Duty Chipboard.
It is stiff and steady - and it looks like it can withstand toughness. 

At the back of the cover, it contains a range of useful information.
As usual, it allows you to pen down your name, and the date you started with the notebook. 

Not forgetting a Brief History of Stenography. 

The paper looks tough, but after writing it with my fountain pen, I think it is still best to write with a ballpoint pen. 

What I really like about the page is that it has a dividing line in the centre, which divides the page into 2 parts - personal preference. 

At the moment, I am using it for notes taking for my personal readings. 

I was switching between the Field Notes pen and my Karas Kustoms to ease the tiredness on my hand.

I should share more of whats inside my Steno Book in the next post. 

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