22 June 2015

Field notes Summer 2015 edition - Workshop Companion

Field Notes had recently launched their last Summer 2015 edition - Workshop Companion

This is the 2nd box set edition by Field Notes.
The 1st box set was the National Crops edition launched in 2012. 

This box set consists of:
- custom slipcase, 
- 6 notebooks, & 
- a sheet or crack-&-peel decal.

This edition consists of 6 DIY disciplines, namely:
1. Wood Working
2. Automotive
3. Gardening
4. Painting
5. Plumbing, &
6. Electrical.

Each notebook consists of:
- a Kraft cover dedicated to the skills,
- 70-lbs paper,
- dot-grid. 

This edition retails at USD$19.95 per set, and you can get you at Field Notes Shop

If you based in Singapore, you a set at S$28.50 per set (only 15 sets available). 

So much about this edition, let's take a look at some of the photos about Workshop Companion edition. 

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