4 July 2015

The only constant thing is Changes.

I have tried to keep my EveryDayCarry (EDC) pocket book simple, and I couldn't quite make up which to use?

I have been carrying my black Midori Traveler's Notebook passport size for many months, but somehow, I find there's a lack in something. 

I couldn't quite make up what is that "something".

Until recently, I started using Field Notes again, and I was still struggling with the ideal EDC pocket book. 

I tried carrying a notebook by itself, with just a fountain pen - it doesn't work. 

Although it looks nice being simple, but it is really hard to go around without my planner. 

And I decided to move back to my CodyDori - now I'm slightly happy. 
I like my EDC to be compact and it must hold a pen as well. So I attached a pen loop to the cover, but it's not all perfect. 

While searching for my next perfect cover, I'll just stick to my CodyDori for now. 

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