21 July 2015

Converting my Midori Traveler's Notebook into a Expenses Wallet

This is the black passport Midori Traveler's Notebook, which was my Every Day Carry (My PP MTN, My New Every Day Carry).

After changing out (The Only Constant Thing is Changes) from this PP MTM, I have no use for this beautiful PP MTN - I kept it inside a storage box....

Until last night - I decided organise my expenses wallet.

Previously, I was using zipper coin pouches to hold the expenses monies (Household expenses & Transport expenses), and my Expenses Record Book (ERB) is totally a separate entity.
I have kept my ERB in my planner - which means that sometimes, I will forget to update my expenses until a few days later. 
I find it a challenge just to remember to update the expenses record book.  

This has to change! 

I need the money and the book, to be in one place.

And an idea strike me.............

My extra Midori passport size zipper pouches; 
My card holder; 
My extra passport size notebooks.

1. I have a total of 4 items in this set up.

2. I am using 2 zipper pouches - One for Household Expense, & the other for Transport.
The big pocket (as seen on the right, can hold the receipts), while the card slots is for the essential cards. 

3. I have my 10-slots card holder in here so that I can put in extra cards which I received during purchases. 

4. At the moment, it is empty - but slowly, it will be filled. 

5. My Expenses Record Book. I am using a Campus Notebook, which is pretty cheap (about SGD$2.00).  

6. These are the zipper pouches where I store my money. On the top Right, I have pasted a label to differential the purposes of the 2 pouches. 

I cant say this is a perfect system, until it is fully run.
I don't usually carry this out on a daily basis - and if there is a last minute decision to do some household shopping, it can be a problem. 

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