13 August 2015

Changes never stop...

It was this before......  and now a Change. 

Like I mentioned in the previous post, Changes Never Stop, one should never be contented. 

After reusing the (1st) leather cover from Wmsbags for a few months, I decided to switch to the 2nd leather cover from the same maker, Cody Williams.

This is a dark blue Pocket Size / Field Notes size Horween leather cover (due to lighting effect, the cover appears to be black).
This is a unique design as it uses pen loop as the locking mechanism for the cover. 

Due to the pen loop extension, this cover is slightly wider than the normal Field Notes size cover.  

This comes with 2 internal elastic bands, and 2 side pockets. 

As you see in the above picture, starting from the left:
- Zebra F-701 ballpoint pen,
- Midori 2014 passport plastic sheet
- Standard Memorandum 2015
- Field Notes Workshop Companion
- Lamy Al-Star CopperOrange
- Bullet pencil

(Check out Standard Memorandum, A Pocket Planner Full of Memories to know more about this small planner.)

The side pockets are high enough to slot in papers without worrying the papers will drop out. 

I started using this Field Notes notebook since 18 June 2015, 
and I'm only half-way through the notebook. 

Starting from this year, I have been dividing each page of the notebook into 3 columns,
which allows me to maximise the space on each page. 
It makes me feels good when I see each page is filled up with little empty spaces. 

Most of the times, I use it for my To-Do-List, and very rarely, I use it to plan my schedule.
In the above picture, I have mark out 6 columns for the whole week, so that I can have an overview of whats going on (in this week). I don't use this method often, but I find it useful if I have a busy week ahead, and my Standard Memorandum doesn't allow me to pen my schedules in. 

I keep an additional passport size notebook at the back of the cover for work purpose.
Certainly, it makes the whole notebook "fat", but it is not much of a concern. 

Personal view:
I really like this cover a lot as it allows me to bring along my pencil and pen in the same cover. 
I like the leather as it aged beautifully.
Not forgetting the stitches - it is not perfect, and it should not be. It is purely hard work.

Reviews for your cover? 
If you produce your own leather covers and you will like me to share on my blog, do drop me an email at blankandwrite.shop@gmail.com and we can discuss further. 

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