31 August 2015

Update of my Expenses Wallet (using a Midori Traveler's Notebook).

Remember my previous post about converting my PP MTN into a Expenses wallet

I have been using this system for about 2-months, and I find that I can save some money with this system. 

So what do I have inside this passport Midori Traveler's Notebook

For a quick refresh, there are
- 2 x passport size Midori Zipper pockets,
- 1 x passport size notebook (not from Midori). 

I have 2 cards that I frequently use, and I placed them in the card slot of the zipper pocket. 
I have also place the unused vouchers in the pockets of the zipper pouch in order not to misplace them. 

To add some colours to my card holder, I pasted MT tapes and stickers on the front cover.

Notebook is for book keeping. 
I am keeping track of 2 expenses for this system - Household expenses & Transportation expenses.
I had divided a page into 2 columns - 1 for Household and the other for Transportation. 
Every time i did a purchase, I'll immediately pen it down into the notebook. 
At the end of the date, I will calculate and write down the balance - and I will do a tally to make sure that I have the same amount inside the zipper pockets. 

As you can see, there are 2 zipper pockets.
I have labelled each pocket with labelling tape so that I do not mixed up the money in here.

So how has this system helped me to save money?
Since I have set aside certain amount for Household expenses and for Transportation expenses, I will withdraw the money out (from the bank) and set them inside the zipper pockets.
This way, I will not "accidentally" spend the money meant for these expenses.

And with the notebook, I am able to keep track of the expenses, and to keep track of my spending.
For example, the transportation are mainly for my motorbike petrol, and if there's insufficient funds for the Transportation expenses, I will go for the less expensive patrol rather than a better grade petrol.

With this, I had saved some money in the first month of using such system.
As this is coming to the 2nd month of using this system, I can still see some funds available.
All there are good signs.

Do you have something similar that you will like to share?
Drop us a your link in the comment box so that the other users can take a look.

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