2 September 2015

Thinking about the 2016 planner.

It is the time of the year ago to think ahead - To think which planner to get for 2016.

For many people, getting a planner is an easy job.
- Go to the stationery shop, get a planner, pay at the cashier, and Task completed.
- Call up the insurance adviser, tell him / her you need a 2016 planner, and you'll receive one shortly.
- Company's Year End Gift = 2016 planner, and task completed. 

But this ain't an easy task for me! 

For the past weeks, I am thinking if I should buy a new 2016 planner, or customised my own planner since I have so many Field Notes notebooks.

If I were to buy a 2016 planner, which one will it be? 
- Standard Memorandum 2016 (not realised yet)?

If I were to create my own, there are a lot of things to consider:
Firstly, there's only 48 pages in each notebook, which means that I have to break the whole year down into 3 notebooks.
Here's the considering factors:
- weekly design per page?
- weekly design per 2 pages?
- monthly design view? 
- how many months in a notebook? 
- what should I add inside the notebook? 
- what if I need to check on something which is in another notebook? 
- will there be sufficient space for my To-Do-List? 
And the list goes on.

Rather let than sitting at my desk cracking my head,
I drew out some format in my current Field Notes to help me have a better view.

Monthly view.
Box is too small to fill in much information. 
It is just sufficient to pen down the 1, or maximum 2 events per box. 
To draw out the boxes, I have count the box correctly, else I have ended up drawing at the wrong line (as seen in the bottom page). 

One Week per two pages.
Using my 3 columns method, I have 5 full columns, from Monday to Friday, and one column for Saturday and Sunday (half column per day). 
I personally like this as it is similar to the system I am using at the moment. 
I can pen down my appointments at the top, and then my To-Do-List continues after listing out my appointments. 

One Week per two pages.
Monday to Thursday on the left page; 
Friday to Sunday on the right page; 
Leaving the bottom box for notes. 
This method looks neater. 

This method has the planner on one page, and the To-DO-List on the other. 
This gives me very limited space to pen my schedules

I am contemplating between:
- Standard Memorandum 2016;
- Hobonichi Weekly planner; or
- customized Field Notes planner. 

Not sure what do I want now, perhaps, I will just wait for the release of the Standard Memorandum, and then crack my head further. 

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