11 September 2015

About the Blank and Write backpocket journal

The Blank and Write very own notebook is now available!!
After I received the notebooks, I gave a few friends to try it out, just for the fun of it.
I am very fortunate that they actually did some reviews for me (Thank you Maybelline and Junee for the reviews).

Here are their reviews:

So, here's what I am going to say about this little notebook.

The notebooks were customised by Curnow Bookbinding and Leatherwork, and I have wonderful experience working with them.

Each notebook measures 3.5" by 5.25", and it contain 48 pages of Tomoe River paper (thin fountain pen friendly paper).

As Blank and Write pretty much sounds like Black and White, so I decided to give these notebooks a Black and White theme.

I wanted a notebook that is fountain pen friendly, therefore, I chosen the Tomoe River edition.

In the above picture, the featured pen is the INK Rollerball Pen by Karas Kustoms

On the first page, I wrote with Lamy Al-Star which contains Lamy Blue Ink. 

There isn't any bleed through on the 2nd page (page on the left), but there's a slight ghost - which is acceptable due to the thinness of the paper.
On the 2nd page, I wrote with KawecoSport containing Montblanc black ink.
There isn't any bleed through on the first page.
So far, positive experience with fountain pens. 

On the 3rd page, I gave the pen a change.
I used the (1) Karas Kustoms Retrakt which contains a Pilot G2 refill, and (2) the INK which contains Schmidt P8126 Capless System Rollerball refill.

To my surprise, the ghost is more obvious compare to fountain pens.

Currently, I am using it as my EDC notebook, for all sorts of random To-Do-Lists and random notes.
If opportunities arises, I will try this notebook with other fountain pens.
As for now, I will be using Retrakt and INK as my daily pens.

So what's my Likes and Dislikes about Blank and Write backpocket journal Tomoe River edition?

- It is definitely thinner than any Field Notes notebook.
- And it feels softer. 
- Paper quality is good for fountain pens, no worries about bleed through. 
- White paper, it looks clean to write on. 

- Of course, white cover or pages tends to attract more dirt than other colors.
- It takes a while for the ink to dry on tomoe river paper, so, ink might stain on the next page if I close the book immediately after writing. 

Blank and Write backpocket journal Tomoe River edition is available at SGD$22.00 per pack (3 notebooks).

Do drop us an email, theblankandwrite@gmail.com if you have any enquiries about this notebook.

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