19 September 2015

My Field Notes "Planner"

For a while, I've been cracking my head on how to create a 2016 planner out of my Field Notes.

I left chance to randomness. 

On 16 Sept '15, I decided to use a Field Note Two-Rivers edition without any leather cover. 

Beside using this notebook as a #EDCNB (Every Day Carry Notebook),
I realised that I need a time-table to map out my (work) schedule.
Out of randomness, I created this:

I drew a month-planner for Oct'15.
And I thought this looks pretty cool!

I decided to draw a planner for Sept'15 as well.

Now, I can view my Sept-&-Oct schedule at one glance - easy!! 

The next day, I realized that I needed more, and I drew this:

This allows me to pen down my other schedules for the whole next 6-weeks. 

Q: Is this a perfect planner?

A: It doesn't matter. As long as it works for me, I think I'm good with it. 

To be honest, it's not tough to create. 
I spent some times calculating the (small) boxes, and then divide it equally. 

Here's a clearer pictures on the (small) boxes I've divided:

Monthly planner = 3 x 4 per day. 

6-weeks planner = 3 x 6 per day. 

Hope this sharing is useful for you :) and thank you for reading. 

And I hope you'll have fun drawing lines. 


  1. Field Notes is the best!! Right now im using the state books Hawaii and California...grid. I love them so much!

  2. How bout a faint small grey grid in Notebook