1 February 2017

DUO | The Ultimate Everyday Ballpoint Pen and Stylus

While browsing on KickStarter, I found something rather interesting - a pen; a stylus; how about both in one instrument? 

Yes, I am referring to the DUO - The Ultimate Everyday Ballpoint Pen and Stylus.

This is one instrument which I am looking forward to own.

Part of my Every Day Carry will be my Pen and my Notebook.
I write on a daily basis - my To-Do-List, my Schedules, my thoughts and ideas.
I prefer a ballpoint pen compare to fountain pen, and part of the reason is that refill are easily obtain from the stationeries store (when the ink runs out). 

Needless to say, I have my iPhone with me all the time. 
Having a stylus does allow me to do things which my fat fingers doesn't allow me to do.

To me, having a ballpoint with a stylus is something which is going to aid me a lot.
I once had something similar, and I love it.
As time goes by, the ink runs dry, and changing the ink refill is near impossible - that pen only take one type of refill which I couldn't get it from the stationeries store. 
In the end, that stylus pen became useless. 

For DUO, it gives the user a choice of some good refills to fit into the pen.
Below is the list of refills suitable for DUO.

Another plus point (in my opinion) is the bright colours that they offered.
The Electric Blue and the Copper Orange certainly caught my attention.

Looking at the price of the Early Bird and Solitaire, it is actually much cheaper than some of the ballpoint pens available in the market.

And you can live without writing, then Pen for Life is something you should go for. 10 replacement refills. You can certainly save a lot in this option.

If you can't decide which colours to choose from, go for the Full House - 4 colours to choose from, depending on your mood, or the gears you carrying.

Enough said, you should check out this pen to know more about it.
Here we go again, the DUO | The Ultimate Everyday Ballpoint Pen and Stylus.

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