12 February 2017

My new set up, Field Notes in A6 Card Holder.

An idea strike me while I looked at my Field Notes.


How about give my Field Notes some external protection?

I decided to explore the option of using the A6 Card Holder. 

The Field Notes fit neatly inside the Card Holder. 

The A6 Card Holder comes with 6 card slots. 4 card slots on the front sleeve. 

2 card slots on the back sleeve. 

It's a good way to carry my business card around in this set up. 

To prevent the Field Notes from sliding out, I attached it to the spine of the A6 Card Holder using an elastic cord. 

I have also added a Rhodia Dotpad No12 to the set up. 
I find this Dotpad useful for my random writing, and I can peel off the unwanted page when it's done. 
This will be my new Every Day Carry
The pen I'm using is the Fisher Space Pen M4B Military Pen, which I got from Recycle Firefighter

With the snap button on this A6 Card Holder, I'm able to lock the notebooks in place. 

So far for this week's sharing. 
Hope you'll enjoy this idea. 

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