26 February 2017

Field Notes has just launched their latest edition - Utility for Spring 2017.

Check out this video!! 

Here's some photos taken from Field Notes:

This edition offers two different body pages: (1) Engineer Graph, (2) Ledger.

" Engineer Graph or Ledger. Engineer Graph features an 1/8-inch grid with bolder lines each half-inch. It awaits your schematics, assembly drawings, geometry homework, or dungeon maps. The Ledger version, of course, is ultra-handy for mileage logs, parts lists, to-do lists, or any sort of handwritten accounting."

It offers a bright Yellow Cover.

"Mohawk’s beautiful vibrant Via Vellum 80# “Safety Yellow” cover jumped right out of the sample book like a DOT warning sign."

It comes with a Ruler. 

"For this edition, we designed a new flip-out ruler (inches on one side, centimeters on the other) that folds out of the back cover."

For the guys who carry notebook every day, this is certain an edition you don't want to miss. 

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