31 August 2017

Travel Journal for Japan 2017 (Part 2)

Hello again!! 

I hope you had enjoy my previous post, Travel Journal for Japan (Part 1).
And thank you for your positive comments and encouragements.

For this installment, I will share the second notebook, or Travel Journal, for my Japan Trip.
For this trip, I used the "Have A Nice Trip" notebooks which I bought from Traveler's Factory at Narita Airport Terminal 2. I bought 3 of this notebook for my Travel Journal, and ended up using two. It is always good to prepare more than less.
If you have any questions regarding my Travel Journal, do drop me a message using the message box function on the Right hand side, and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. 

Notebook No. 2.
This Travel Journal covers Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo.
Sketch, stamps and admission ticket. 
Brochure of the museum, and tear off page from Yayoi Kusama exhibition.
On the left is a cut out from the brochure, and on the right, the post card of Yayoi Kusama. 
Information of the exhibition folded and kept inside the post card plastic cover (recycling).
Photos taken and printed using pocket printer. 
Food wrapper, and sketches of my breakfast. Decided not to colour it, and simply keep the journal in black and white format.
Brochure of Osaka Castle Museum and the stamp.
Octopus balls! And the crew making it. Gift wrapper which recycled into a pocket for brochure.
Luggage tag of Capsule Hotel Astil.
Shinkansen ticket back to Tokyo, and the meal on the bullet train. 
The cutest post of my travel journal. 
Sushi before flying back to homeland, and a cup of cappuccino from FaSola Cfe before boarding the plane.  
This marks the end of my Japan trips. 

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