4 September 2017

The set up of my Camel Traveler's Notebook.

If you own a Traveler's Notebook, at some point of time, you will be curious on how other users set up their TNs, how they use their TNs, where they buy this, where they buy that, etc, etc. 
It is COMMON. 

Being a Traveler's Notebook user for the past 9 years, I am still curious about other user's TN. 
I am always curious how they use their TNs, and how they do the set up. 

Personally, I carry 3 TNs everyday, and each of them serve different purposes. 

Question: Why do you carry so many Traveler's Notebook? 

Soon, you will find out. 

For now, let me share about my Camel Traveler's Notebook.

This Pilot Kanuno is loaded with Platinum Pigment Sepia ink, which I use it for my sketching.
I got this pen pouch from Tokyu Hands Singapore and it has been very useful. 

Got this Traveler's Factory sticker from a friend, and decided to use it to decorate my TN.
My name embossing was done in Manual Factory in Hong Kong. 

We all decorate our TN differently - but since I love this sticker a lot, i want it to be on my TN.
Looking at the goldfishes actually makes me smile. 

Found this pen clip laying around, so use it to hold my brass pencil. 

The masking tape on the top left hand corner is the date I started using this TN.
Most of the empty spaces are filled with stamps from Traveler's Factory.
That's right, I am from Singapore.

Pencil board is an essential tool for my TN. I use it as a hard surface when I sketch and paint. 

The envelope pouch is definitely better than those plastic pouches.
I like to keep my TN thin, therefore, I only have one notebook in it.

Got this stamp from Traveler's Factory - It indicates the date I started using this notebook, and it helps me to keep track of the number of notebooks I have used. 

Using the note that comes with notebook as a back pocket to keep loose paper. 

Stickers and stickers. 

If you see carefully, you will realised that the clip is dented.
I had purposely tighten this pen clip to prevent is from moving.
It is now tightly secured onto the leather.

I had added this Pilot Cocoon fountain pen to my TN as my daily write.
Likewise, it is loaded with Platinum Pigment Sepia ink.

So, this is my Camel Traveler's Notebook, and I hope you enjoy reading this post.
If you have any questions, do feel free to drop me an email or a message, and I will get in touch with you with the answer.

Oh yes, positive comments are welcome too!!
Your comments are my encouragements to share more!

Thank you.

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  1. I really like that you notes the day you began using the TN! Great stuff! Thank you for sharing!