27 November 2017

Field Notes Winter 2017 edition - Resolution

With 2017 coming to an end, Field Notes launched an amazing edition that allow their users to be more organised. 

If you are a planner user who prefer a small planner who enjoy having a planner by your side all the time, Resolution is the solution.

Let me break them down into White, Blue and Red. 

The White is a 56-weeks planner with a full view of the week in one single page. It offers 4-lines per day for you to keep your day neat and simple. 

The Blue and The Red are both a Check-Book that allows you to pen down your To-Do-Lists. A simple concept that allows you to check-off the things you have completed - the marking of achievements. 

The bonus for this issue, I’ll say, is the 2018 calendar card; a simple tool for easy reference. 

Not sure if you’ll like this edition? 
My question is, “What’s your Resolution for 2018?”

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