12 November 2017

Keeping a journal...

Keeping a journal by my side allows me to pen down my thoughts as and when I needed.
Some times, I will call it a brain-dump rather than a journal.
Keeping a notebook of such allows me to put out any issues on my mind and then slowly come to a solution.
That is how amazing a journal works for me - it's like a unspoken consultant for me at times.

The journal books that I used to write on were big in size and they were not easy to bring around. 
I decided to change my journal book to a Field Notes. 
Field Notes notebooks are pocket size, this means that I can bring it to along with me any time.

Right now, I'm using a Lamy Safari fountain pen (with F nib) with this notebook.
Yes, many will says that the fountain pen bleeds through the paper, and it is not the best paper for fountain pen.
But what's important is the writing experience - I need something that is smooth to write with. I really don't care about the ink bleeding through.

Started this journal book on 14 October 2017, and I really enjoy journaling in Field Notes. 
If you have not tried it, I will encourage you to try it for once and see if this works for you.

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