27 May 2018

Traveler's Company Brass Fountain Pen

Bought this TC fountain pen few months back when it was launched, and decided to use it rather than keeping it.

The packing is simple and  neat, and there's instructions on how to use this fountain pen.

The whole body is made of brass, therefore it's heavier than the normal brass ballpoint pen or pencil.
And the "pen" portion is fatter compared to the brass ballpoint pen, so I can't put interchange it with other brass pen casing.

There's a free cartridge that comes with this brass pen, but I choose to use this Diplomat ink cartridge as this box of cartridges has been sitting around for too long, and I wanna get rid of it.

After posting, this fountain pen behaves just like a normal fountain pen, and it's well balanced.
It writes fairly smooth and I guess it will take a lot of writings to get the pen "grind" to my writing style.

Just like the normal brass pen, it sits in nicely in my passport Traveler's Notebook without a doubt.
If you loves brass pen, or you are a lover for bullet pens, this is something worth buying.

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