17 June 2018

Pen Holder for my Lamy Safari

I have been sketching in my Traveler's Company Blue Edition Traveler's Notebook (TN) and I decided to get myself the Lamy Safari fountain Pen - Petrol as the colour blends well with this TN.

Initially, I was using the spring clip pen holder, but I feel that it doesn't secure my Lamy Safari in place. I was afraid that I will dropped / lost the pen without realising it.

For days, I was thinking how should I create a pen holder that will eliminate my worries of losing the pen. When I saw my Rhodia N12 pad laying around, I know I found a potential material.

So I decided to rip the cover off the pad and turn it into a pen holder.
After some testing, that is the right size for me!
As I don't have any sewing kit with me at the time of implementation, I used a stapler to nail it down to the plastic file that was inside my TN (any creation of mine).

When I first closed my TN, the pen holder protruded out too much. It didn't blend in with the existing pen holder (for my Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen) that was on my TN. So I had to redo the steps again so that this new pen holder seats in nicely in my TN.

It was a Success. And I can now happily carry my two fountain pens wherever I go.
Update as on 07 July '18:
The look of the staples on the plastic file doesn't look pleasant to me, so I decided to cover it with some Washi tapes.
And here are the results:

Not too bad!

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