26 June 2018

FN-39 Summer 2018, Three Missions Memo Books and Crew Capsules

Here we go, the new Field Notes 2018 Summer edition, Three Missions.

For users who love the Space, this is a Must-Have edition.

Each pack consists of 3 notebooks, namely: Mercury, Gemini and Apollo.
Like I mentioned earlier, if you are a space fans, you will love this edition.  First of all, the covers features dramatic photographs of iconic moments of those missions.  Each book is also filled with facts and figures about each mission.

Here's something for the Graph paper fans:
Inside the notebook, we have the Finch Opaque 60#T white graph paper, with the rules printed in an extremely light "Firmament Gray" ink.

Each pack comes with three "Punch-Out and Assemble" Mission-specific Crew Capsule Models.
Not only we have the notebooks, we have ourselves some Space Capsules to play with! 
How not to love this edition? 

Blank and Write has placed some orders for this edition, and we suspect this edition will be Sold Out soon. So drop us an email to order yours today. 

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