26 June 2018

My second Life Journal for 2018, and the third book for 2018

It took me about six months to complete the first Life Journal for 2018, and I'm had started my 2nd book.

Some people are confused about my numbering system. So allow me to explain how I do it:
On the bottom right hand corner, I'll usually stamp it with the rubber stamp I had gotten from the Traveler's Factory. The stamp allows me to write the Title, the Date I started using the book, and the Number for that book (first book of the  year will be 01/18, and the third book will be 03/18).
On the top right hand corner, I'll stencil out the number of the book so it will make archiving much easier.

What about book 02/18?
It is currently inside my Blue TN and I'm using it for project planning, meeting notes and random writing.

Number system...
What I did in the previous years was to stencil the start-date on the front cover of the book. There were instances where I start a new book without completing the previous book, and eventually, I lost track on how many books I had used. It took me some times to sort out the books according to the dates.

With my current numbering system, I hope to be (1) able to organise my notebooks in a systematic way, and (2) to finish one notebook before starting another one.

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