18 September 2018

Update of my BuJo

After using Bullet Journal (BuJo) for about one month, I'm actually enjoying the process.
Honestly speaking, I did not follow the how BuJo should be, but rather, I created my own way of recordings that suit my needs.

After getting used to BuJo, I find it uncomfortable to write with my Life Journal at the bottom. As my Life Journal got fatter by the days, it actually take up more space in my Blue Traveler's Notebook (TN). So i removed the Life Journal and shifted it to my brown TN; and now, there only one booklet inside my Blue TN.

After trying different layouts, this is by far the best: it saves times, and gives me sufficient space for writings.
So, I have one week spread across two pages.
Previously, I'll just pen down my schedules anyway within the daily box, together with my notes and To-Do-List. So it ends up looking very messy (artistic).
And I realised that I don't have a proper time management when I used this method. In fact, I had wasted a lot of time thinkning and looking for things to do.

To battle the problem of wasting time, I decided to implement the hourly-tracking of my day (this is the first time I'm using this method). This will allow me to make full use of my waking hours to do the necessary things.

As I usually start my day from 0700hrs, and ends off about 2200hrs, it gives me 15-hour per day to complete my necessaries. As I usually don't have any other appointments after 2200hrs, so I'm safe to end off my day at around that time.

The good point about this system is that it allows me to plan my day and hours accordingly, minimising the spending useful hours doing unproductive things.
On the downside, I won't have the space for my To-Do-List and daily notes, which are equally important as my schedules.

As I have just started this method this week, I'll still explore around to fine tune the system.
Do you have any suggestions on how I can better improve this system? Do share with me your ideas by dropping your comments in the box below. Thank you.


  1. You can do the weeks on 4 pages. Thus one column with the schedules, and another with the tasks and notes.

    1. Thats a good idea..
      In fact, i started to work on 4 pages per week after reading your comment.
      Thank you so much for sharing!!